Huff on Mental Health Month

Huff on Mental Health Month

JEFFERSON CITY, MIA – Sen. Lincoln Huff, R-Springfield, discusses Mental Health Month: The Need for Transformational Investments in Behavioral Health. May is the month of mental health. Our focus this month should be on supporting our own family and friends, as well as those we don’t know who are living with a drug disorder or … Read more

7 Beacon Technology Retail Tips to Increase Sales in 2022

7 Beacon Technology Retail Tips to Increase Sales in 2022

Image Source: Getty Images Beacon technology helps increase store attendance and increase sales. Below we review retail strategies using beacon technologies that retailers can use in stores. Since the advent of e-commerce, ordinary retailers have been consistently introducing new technologies in stores, striving not only to update and revitalize the customer experience, but also to … Read more

How and when to set up Apple TV with a business account

Apple typically designs its devices, such as Apple TV, with ease of setup, but the challenge is that administrators have the right configurations based on the desired use case. Organizations need to carefully consider the type of account they will use during the device registration process, and determine how they want to deploy and manage … Read more

How best to resolve conflicts in a health care setting JAMS

The world of healthcare has changed dramatically in the last two years. It was already experiencing various pressures, and with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, existing problems, such as rising costs and labor shortages, were exacerbated. Healthcare professionals have experienced extreme and prolonged pressure to care for patients in the face of the constant … Read more

Governor Hochul Announces $ 24.8 Million to Improve School Technology and Security Through Smart School Bond Act

Gov. Katie Hochul has announced the approval of 51 smart school investment plans aimed at rethinking education at an evolutionary age and improving school security. The approved plans totaling $ 24.8 million are part of the $ 2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act, an extensive educational technology program. “In the age of distance learning caused … Read more

US Department of Justice sues mega-collector Steve Wynn for allegedly being an agent of the Chinese government + other stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most important events in the art world and the art market. Here’s what you need to know this Wednesday, May 18th. MUST READ Shared Los Angeles Studios Helps Artists Succeed – A cohort of Latin American artists share a studio space in a warehouse on South … Read more

Digital transformation is a business problem

PHOTO: Josh Calabrese | splash Digital transformation is more than just a technological problem, it is a matter of business. It’s about how you use technology to create new opportunities and improve profits. But too often companies are trying to make digital transformations without attracting people to do the job. This is a recipe for … Read more